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E-ink not only on e-readers! It's a shoe but with an e-ink technology

OMG! You can control the color and design with an app ;)


In essence it is smart high heel shoe whose colors and design patterns can be controlled via a smartphone app to match outfits, among its other hidden sensorific capabilities to be unlocked. -



Dracula would drink from that

I'll need that glass tomorrow 


Reading outside when rain is pouring? Or in a bath? Under a shower? Watered the book with your tears? Met an ignorant who left the books outside?

Here's how to rescue a wet book.



Wonderful book illustrations



Being in love

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Literature Muse

 This is lovely - you can actually buy it in the Etsy shop.






Sherlock Holmes - The Case Study

I don't know anyone who doesn't know or like Sherlock Holmes. This sophisticated gentleman gained more respect and likeliness than any other know fictional detective regardless of how irritating, stubborn and sassy guy he is. Well, who doesn't like intelligent and witty badass boys? ;-)


Adam Frost and Jim Kynvin from The Guardian looked through Sherlock's adventures and ended up with impressive number of data presented in elegant infographics. Love them! To see all click here.



In honor of Caitlyn Jenner - trans reading list


I think it was very brave of Caitlyn Jenner to expose herself and to speak openly about her life choices. I guess she'll experience a huge amount of positive and negative emotions from all people around her, her family, friends, sport-mates, fans, strangers etc. Regardless of what people's opinions are I'm sure of my opinion that such a brave act deserves a huge respect. I was positively surprised to view the reading list created by one of the US bookstore with a list of books from, by and about trans people. In honor of Caitlyn Jenner. 


Here's the list preview - to view full list of books click below: 




    - you can vie the whole reading list here

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

It seems I am well-adjusted, logical and creative. How about you?



A Surprising History of Pen Names

I had no idea that Mark Twain, Toni Morrison, or George Orwell are all pseudonyms! 



Westeros on Google Maps

Fan of Ice and Fire series created a google map-like Westeros map. WOW :-)




If you'd like to see more detailed map, no problem ;-) Here it is - click the map to enlarge and go to the interactive map page.



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