Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners, #1)

Someone to Watch Over Me (Bow Street Runners, #1) - Lisa Kleypas "She was sore in places she had never been sore before.” Is this an awesome quote, or what?I think OD’ed on this girly porn, I had a good reason but I need to stop now and read some James Joyce or something.Spoilers ahead. I am not going to even officially mark it as a spoiler because if you didn’t see that coming from the very first page then you don’t deserve to be warned. A certain tall, strapping Bow Street Runner named Grant finds a nearly dead woman fished out of Thames. To his surprise and delight it is Vivien – most expensive and most desired courtesan of London. And Grant has a bone to pick with her, so he takes her to his house where he intends to have his little revenge. Vivien regains her consciousness but sadly can’t remember a thing, so she can’t provide any clues as to who might want to kill her. She also appears very shy, modest, weirdly into books and absolutely mortified when she finds out she is supposed to be this high flying prostitute. Anyone who has ever seen at least half an episode of any soap opera knows damn well that amnesia goes hand in hand with people having secret twin siblings. Only Grant has never seen any soap opera so he is convinced Vivian playing some silly game. And, of course, how will he find out how wrong he was? Don’t tell me you don’t see it coming. He will have sex with her and bam, realizes she can’t possibly by nation-wide famous prostitute, as she is (or was, now, thanks to him) very much a virgin.So yeah, a bit out there, non? But probability is not what I want from my girly porn. Neither do I want historical accuracy. If I wanted historical accuracy I would read Dickens. As it is, the setting of Regency romances is a fantasy world, that has its rules, but they don’t really have to be historically accurate. It is something like Middle-earth, if you like. Eventually ‘Vivien’ learns the truth, finds out that Grant was a bit of a dick who lied to her and is angry at him for like half a page. It goes like this: “You….!!, you..!! Hey, wanna go down on me again?”. The ending of the book was spoiled with too much mushiness, with Grant promising things like “I will never be apart from for more than two hours”, and all sort of nonsense on and on. For pages. I thought: “Ok, lady, enough. You’re beating a dead horse here.”