In Black and White

In Black and White: [The Story of an Open Transracial Adoption] - Nathalie Seymour This was somewhat interesting. It's a real life story about interracial adoption back when it was still cool for white parents to adopt black children. Then it stopped being cool but now BBC tells me it is cool again. It is sometimes so hard to keep track of what is PC and what isn't. We should receive some email notifications about the lastest developments in the world of political correctness.Anyway, the book. Basically, it is a sad story. I hope it is not going to be a major spoiler if I say that is not a success story. The author is trying to play the silver lining cloud thing but I am not really buying it. Something went terribly wrong and Seymour fails to see the real reasons behind it. Come on, you had two decades to think about it. I am sure you could give me a more profound analysis about what actually happened and why. As it is, it's just a recount of events and I wish she had dug deeper. I had a feeling that author was not telling me something. And I don't like when authors do that to me.