One Million Tiny Plays About Britain

One Million Tiny Plays About Britain - Craig Taylor This is just a collection of dialogues which are occasionally funny or original but get old rather quickly. There is a lot of playing on stereotypes and people not meaning what they say and not saying what they mean. There are sprouts of racism, homophobia and just plain ol' nastiness.There is a man talking on the phone in a supermarket explaining to someone he is just waiting for his suitcase at the airport. There is a woman who refuses to accept her son's homosexuality. There, of course, is a Polish hairdresser who doesn't know what she is doing.This started as a column in Guardian and you know what? Some things are just not meant to be books. It would've been fine as a column. In a book format it can only be a toilet book. I don't mean it in a bad way. I am not saying you should be using it as a toilet paper. We have complete works of Paulo Coelho for that.