Marriage: To Claim His Twins (Harlequin Presents)

Marriage: To Claim His Twins (Harlequin Presents) - Penny Jordan I asked karen to send me this book because with a title like this I thought it must be really good. Who knows - maybe even some threesome action. But no. No threesomes. The twins were his sons. Don't despair though. There was lots of sex anyway. The main character had sex once in her life when she was 17 or so. But during that one night she climaxed so many times she was all good for the next 6 years of celibate. Then that mysterious stranger reappears in her life and they are at it like rabbits. He makes her come over and over again, all the time every 10 pages. He also happens to be a multimillonaire and a prince on some made up island near Cyprus and wants to buy her lots of clothes and other things. It also turns out he's good and kind to his subjects and an excellent father. Logically, she hates his guts. But luckily towards the end of the book she falls down the stairs and hits herself in the head. In the hospital she realizes that's as good as it gets and if she was hoping for some paranormal lover - a vampire, demon or a werewolf maybe, she is in the wrong book. So she settles for her multimillionaire prince who gives her multiorgasms and they live happily ever after.