Magnetyzer - Konrad T. Lewandowski This was really good for a Polish book. Or for a book in general. I need to stop being so prejudiced. I like how the atmosphere of 1920's Warsaw was recreated. This is my city at its best, before the Nazis burnt it to the ground, the communists filled it with their questionable architectural ideas and then the capitalis plastered it all over with Coke and McDonalds ads making it the gargantuan monster that it is now.I remember when I was reading that Chinese crime story and was really annoyed how everyone seemed to be quoting traditional Chinese poetry and Confucius and no one thought it to be a little weird. Here everyone is familiar with Polish poetry quoting it throughout the book and I don't think it is weird. I like it!Maybe I am looking at it from a different cultural point of view.All in all I don't think this book will change the history of literature but I really enjoyed reading it. It is a decent crime story even if it might be a bit too slow for the readers used to the pace set by current American bestsellers and their page and a half long chapters. But I don't read American bestsellers so I am good.