The Duke's Tattoo (Horsemen of the Apocalypse, #1)

The Duke's Tattoo (Horsemen of the Apocalypse, #1) - Miranda Davis Here is what happens: the Duke of Ainsworth wakes up one day with a massive hangover, little memory of what happened the night before and a tattoo on his.., well, down there. I’m tempted to leave this review at that, because what else can I possibly say to top the awesomeness of this first sentence. Seriously, that’s all you need to know. It’s like the movie Hangover meets historical romance (therefore I immediately casted Bradley Cooper as the Duke of Ainsworth).There is revenge upon revenge, lots of sex, a case of mistaken identity, a sexy spinster, loads of wittiness, and what have you. I’d rather wished our hero didn’t forgive Miss Haversham quite so soon. Honestly, I’m not sure I’d be happy to forgive and forget if someone ‘beautified’ me that way, even if it was Mr Darcy himself and apologising profusely. I say the Duke of Ainsworth could be easily realistically mad at the heroine well past the middle of the book. As it was, to keep them apart for another however many pages, the author had to have her hero and heroine both develop serious cases of idiocy. As one of the older, sane characters summarised:“I shall say no more. Apparently you won’t be satisfied until you’ve made yourself thoroughly miserable. I’m tempted not to help either of you.”But don’t worry. They recover.Towards the end another character appears on the scene, a certain Baron Clun, and you can tell that Miranda Davis is grooming him to be the hero of the next book. I was sold on him the moment he opened his mouth and happily read the teaser chapters at the end of the book and then joyfully proceed to amazon to buy it and spend the next day reading it, even though I should be busy writing my own novel, but I decided it could wait a day or two until I finish reading The Baron’s Betrothal. It was then when I learnt that this book wasn’t even going to be released for months! Oh, how angry I was, how angry. I was so angry I could just go and tattoo someone’s private parts! (My boyfriend has been sleeping in another room and locking his door since then). I was quite vocal about my disappointment and sent a message to the author demanding the book, pointing out the impending world end on the 21st of December. She appeased me with two more chapters. She is so nice, that Miranda Davis.Anyway, the food that will accompany this review is the strawberry tarts that the Duke of Ainsworth was eating when thinking of his revenge on Miss Haversham. “Gesturing at the sideboard with the pastry, Ainsworth said, “Please thank Cook for another delicious breakfast. I enjoyed these strawberry tart things especially. Is this my fourth or fifth?” “Fifth, Your Grace,” came the echoed response from both men. “Delicious,” he concluded and popped it whole into his mouth with a smile.”And here they are. I used Channel 4 recipe which could be found here . What can’t be found, however, is good strawberries at this time of the year, so I mixed frozen ones with some cardboard tasting imported ones. I think I'm getting better at photographing food, if I do say so myself.By the way, if you want to make them be warned they take hours, especially if you follow the recipe to the letter, so start making the cream as soon as you put the dough in the fridge.