The Mating Season

The Mating Season - There are books which you read and think: "Psh.. I could write that. And better."Well, this is not one of those books. There is no doubt in my mind that I could never produce anything of such brilliance. Wodehouse has such a way with words. The sentences are full of rhythm and flow effortlessly. The punchline is delivered with a perfect timing and will have you chuckle. The plot is as you would expect it to be from a comedy of manners. There are romantic entanglements and romantic misunderstandings, mistaken identities, blunders, and on top of that, five horrid aunts (four old maidens and one widow) that form the biggest obstacle on our characters' road to happiness. Personally, I feel the five aunt plot device was underdeveloped. There was so much potential in it but it seemed that Wodehouse decided to let the aunts be on this occasion.I am surprised that most people seem to think that Wooster is bit of a saphead. How can that be so? First of all, he is Hugh Laurie, that is, Doctor House, who is very smart*. So that alone rules out his stupidity. Second of all, Wooster is the narrator, and the narrative, as I have already said, is nothing short of genius. So I ask you, how can he be stupid? I say, give me Wooster anytime of the day and I will take him gladly, keep him and never let him go. Also he is a very patient man as well, because I thought I would have definitely punched Jeeves if he said: "Indeed, sir?" one more time. And to end this review, shall I leave you with a quote?"Except for knowing that when you've heard one, you've heard them all, I'm not really an authority on violin solos, so cannot state definitely whether La Pulbrook's was or was not a credit to the accomplices who had taught her the use of the instrument. It was loud in spots and less loud in other spots, and it had that quality which I have noticed in all violin solos, of seeming to last much longer than it actually did."* in case you have just landed on this planet recently, I am referring to the popular British show in which Wooster was played by Hugh Laurie.