Radio Boys Cronies

Radio Boys Cronies - Hello and welcome to another installment of my Project Gutenberg project in which I intend to read in alphabetical order all of the books in public domain and I also plan to live forever in order to complete this task.Currently I am on my way to become an expert in 19th and early 20th century children and YA fiction. I am also very proud to be the only person in the whole wide Internet to provide reviews for those books.This one was about boys and girls who listen to lectures about Edison, which excite them so much that in an engineering frenzy they build a dam, small power plant and a radio.What is really interesting about this book published originally in 1922 is how gender PC it is. Boys and girls set out to build a radio and both teams succeed. Girls discuss with and challenge boys and often win. I would like contemporary authors to take note because I often find that girls in current YA fiction are only interested in things that glitter and they are idiotically helpless.The book also tells the story of Edison but if you want to learn about Edison, I am quite sure there are better sources out there.Other than that, the book doesn’t have any significant literary value. It's a little moralistic and there was an absolutely ridiculous comic relief in form of a fat girl Skeets, who appeared in the narrative only to fall or to knock down and break something. She must’ve done that about fifty times in this little book and it was neither funny nor fitting with the story.All in all – an old, not exceptionally well written book that is not sexist and almost not racist.Stay tuned as my next read is "With The Turks in Palestine" by Alexander Aaronsohn and I have a very good feeling about it.