Fortunate Son: A Novel

Fortunate Son - Walter Mosley Huh? Seriously? This book was really badly written. I don't have a copy with me right now so I can't quote. Just take my word for it. I can't believe anyone is taking this novel seriously. The story was somewhat interesting. However, Mosley knows only one device to move the plot forward - kill somebody off, I guess this is what happens when a crime writer tries to write something outside of his genre, it was ridiculous - people were dying like flies. It read like a manuscript sent to a publisher by a hopeful 14 year old. I believe it had a quote on the cover by someone from Guardian saying that Mosley judging by this book alone should be considered one of the greatest novelist of our times... Wow, if that's so, ladies and gentlemen, we are in deep sh%!$. I say, let's stick to classics.